Table of Contents

Your Body Type  I  Table of Contents

Why did we write this book?

Chapter 1
Introduction to natural medicine

Chapter 2
Mind over matter

Chapter 3
The currency of life

Chapter 4
Yoga: the mind body connection

Chapter 5
Mind when it matters

Chapter 6
What is a body type?

Chapter 7
The tools of naturopathy

Chapter 8
Time crunch daily workout

Chapter 9
Your doctor is a cook

Chapter 10
Ways to heat and ways to eat

Chapter 11
The four wonder foods

Chapter 12
Quality foods

Chapter 13
Your kitchen is a pharmacy

Chapter 14
Mindful cooking and eating

Chapter 15
Lifestyle diseases

Chapter 16
Ageing well according to your body type

Chapter 17
Oxygen therapy

Chapter 18
The art of detox

Chapter 19
The 10 rules of nature for health and wealth

Chapter 20
Your Body Type awareness program

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